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What should be expected from an insurer when a claim occurs? Prompt, skilful, knowledgeable claims service that meets your unique needs, whenever and wherever a loss occurs. This is precisely what you will receive being a customer of AIG Kuwait

No one can be sure when or where a loss will occur. AIG Kuwait is committed to providing rapid and fair loss adjustment and settlement for all clients, whether a multinational corporation or a small sole proprietorship. You can also be confident than a claim occurring outside Kuwait will be dealt with in a similar manner because of our international network in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions.

In the event of a loss, policyholders or beneficiaries, where appropriate, should immediately notify our claims department using either one of the following contact details:

Tel.: 00965-2-2474260/ 1/ 2/ 3

Fax: 00965-2-2474264

Please ensure your loss notification contains the following basic information:

- AIG Kuwait policy number
- Date of incident / loss
- Brief circumstances / details of loss
- Estimate of loss amount

We will acknowledge receipt of notification showing the allocated claim number and requesting relevant documentation according to each line of business and depending on each case merits.

Our claims department will handle the case investigations (when necessary) and may decide to appoint a surveyor or loss adjuster.

Settlement will be made by cheque or bank transfer after the following 3 steps:

- Completion of the claim file (necessary documents, reports, decision on validity of claim)
- Preparation and transmission of the claim discharge or acceptance form
- Signing of discharge or acceptance form by the policyholder, insured or beneficiary