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There are good reasons to consider Employment Practice Liability insurance from AIG

Your employees are getting more litigious

Our experience shows that employment tribunal cases have increased. But we also know that in reality businesses faced a lot more employment actions than that, because so many are settled in private without ever getting to tribunal.

Growing legislation

Today there’s broad range of legislation for businesses to keep track of such as age or religious discrimination. Strict enforcement of areas like sexual discrimination is reflected in the number of cases. Insurance helps protect the company and management by meeting damages, judgements, settlements and defence costs for many types of violations.

Managing your reputation

A public case can be bad for the reputation of company and its leaders. Our clients get access to high quality public relations assistance to plan and manage a communication strategy that will help manage your public image.

The financial costs are rising

Cases are getting more expensive as the caps on awards are increased each year – although they are unlimited in discrimination cases. Business also need cover against defence costs – and they pay employees’ costs as well if they lose the case.

Can your management keep up?

Much is expected of employers in their handling of employee actions. The burden of proof lies heavily with employers. Strictly defined procedures must be followed otherwise the case could be lost from the start by default. It’s a lot to keep up with and management should consider protection against even innocent slip ups.

Research support

The company and its subsidiaries may use the services of an independent expert who will work to clarify the circumstances of an actual or alleged wrongful act involving an employee. Our policies take a wide interpretation of who an ‘employee’ is.

Who is it for?

Policyholders are:
- The company taking the insurance cover and its subsidiaries.
- Any employee, administrator, director or manager of the policyholder and its subsidiaries, while in the performance of their functions of managers or directors of Associated Companies acting in that position by specific request of the borrower or any of the its subsidiaries.
- The spouse or partner of an employee, director or officer.
- The executor or trustee of a deceased person's estate

What is covered?

Covers the company, and all employees including seasonal and temporary workers
Broad definition of employment practice violation
Legal fees and expenses for any official investigations