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Corporate Kidnap and Ransom and Extortion Insurance

Our Corporate Kidnap and Ransom/Extortion Insurance not only protects against financial loss but also provides the services of Clayton Consulting, leading crisis management and security consultants, to manage incidents on the policyholder's behalf.

Director's and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers liability insurance (D&O) provides coverage for directors and officers in respect of wrongful acts undertaken in the course of the performance of their managerial duties. D&O cover protects the personal assets of Directors and Officers.

Fidelity and Crime Insurance

Fidelity and Crime insurance provides 1st party coverage to the insured against employee infidelity or third party theft. It protects the insurerd’s funds, inventories, and assets.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance POSI

Increased shareholder litigation is fact of life for companies globally, particularly those with US exposures. With this increase in litigation there is a growing awareness of the responsibilities incumbent on directors and officers of companies.

Cyber Edge

When data leaks, one problem leads to another.

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

There is a risk to a corporation and its directors, officers, supervisors and employees being named in an employment practices liability lawsuit is greater than ever and continues to escalate.

Professional Liability

Accountants Professional Liability, Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity and Bankers Professional Liability Insurance (BPL), Lawyers Professional Liability, Multi Media Professional Liability, Pension Trust Liability Insurance (Employee Retirement Income Security Act or Fiduciary Liability), Professional Association Professional Liability Insurance, School Leaders Professional Liability, Travel Agents Professional Liability, Investment Management Insurance, and Electronics Data Processors Errors & Omissions

Single Project Professional Indemnity

SPPI provides project-specific professional indemnity coverage for design and construction professionals. The policy covers breaches of duty in the performance of Construction Professional Services on named projects for the duration of the project, and a specified extended maintenance period.