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Reasons to consider Environmental Insurance from AIG

Controlling personal exposures

Following an environmental incident, individuals also face the possibility of personal actions. In fact, some local regulations might hold directors and managers jointly or personally liable for the damages.


Our customers can negotiate alternative insurance capital, deductibles and coverage, tailoring the ideal risk management solution for their situation.

Local expertise

With a large underwriting team and high capacity, AIG can provide expert decision making and added value consultancy services.

Preserving financial sustainability

Provides immediate protection (corporate and individual) from the costs, expenses and damages that an incident may incur that might threaten the financial viability of the business.

Reducing reputational risk

Media and public sensitivity to local pollution incidents can impact the business’s image. Holding this insurance is clear evidence of the precautions that the business has taken in managing its responsibilities.

Multinational expertise

Our extensive knowledge of sophisticated program structures and one of the most extensive lists of local environmental policies available in the market allow us to design and implement multinational programmes that reflect each business’ needs.

Who is it for?

AIG’s size and flexibility mean we can protect a wide range of business sectors.

• Manufacturers in the electrical and electronic, energy, metal and plastics, textiles, paper and specialty chemicals (pharmaceutical, paint, paints, pesticides) sectors
• Bulk storage terminals and warehouses holding chemicals or oil and oil-based products
• Treatment facilities and waste disposal
• Transportation and logistics companies
• Construction industry