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There are good reasons to consider Employers Liability insurance from AIG

What is employers’ liability?

Many businesses will carry public liability insurance that covers them against claims by 3rd parties. Employers Liability ensures that your staff can claim in the event of accident or injury and that the money is available to meet these claims.

Where do claims come from?

A claim can arise in a number of different ways however usually it is the result of a workplace accident. Sometimes employees can suffer relatively minor injuries and are encouraged to sue their employers by their lawyers. Note that illness claims can be raised long after the person involved has moved on from the companies employment.

Who is it for?

This type of cover is suitable for all companies employing staff, whether these are in the country of base or have people working in foreign locations. In some of these countries, employers liability can be a compulsory insurance type.

What is covered?

Employer's liability insurance protects businesses against the costs of compensating employees who are injured in the work place as a result of an employer’s negligence. It also covers associated costs such as claimants' legal fees and the costs of defending the action. This insurance will normally provide protection against the cost of defending prosecutions of the insured under health and safety legislation with regard to incidents relating to employees.